what is snoop dogg even doing with his life

uhm excuse u bitch, u mean snoop LIONimage

no he went back to snoop dogg after realizing he hated being rastafarian because his hat was itchy


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because I cant play a fucking MMO or ANYTHING without some creep messaging me asking if im “DTF” or “willing to send nudes.”

has that ever worked for anyone ever? the answer is no. honestly it isnt flirting it isnt even serious about the…

Im sorry your sister has to deal with that. I use to play wow as a female charcter way back in the day and had to quit that character because of all the harrasssment. It has everything to do with ego and just shitty male self amusment. it is for the lack of a beter term “4 chan culture”, insult your friends, try to offend, if you piss people off you laugh about it. there are no consquences with most mmo’s or most other online games that is. the reporting functions barely work, and it just creates a perpetual enviroment of negative energy towards girls. 

If i had to put thought to it. id probably associate it with a trend of video games, especially mmos, being places of social refuge for many people with different negative experiences in the real world. be it unhappiness with work, be it being teased at school, or having incredibly low self image. when you create a space for these types of people to be what ever they want and whom ever they want, you also create a space for all these people to come together. this only perpetuates these feelings as like minded people validate one anothers experiences and each of thier behavior. it serves as a breeding ground for shitty behavior. you also cant forget the fact that in a game a persons persona can change greatly based on how good they are. you have beta males assuming alpha male roles and instead of being real they fill in what they percieve to be an alpha male role. there are so many dynamics to online gaming culture that piss me off. 

now i understand that this isnt everyone who plays mmo’s. i have made great friends and met pretty neat people in online gaming comunities. that being said, the passive voice those comunities have towards shitty behavior has to change. with a passive voice the group as a whole only gets dragged down further. there needs to be outcry and there needs to be no more shit taken. next time you are harrassed start spamming the persons message name to the public ask them to reprimand the personas a comunity. if it is known you will be message harrassed by a lot of people if you harrass female players for sex or anything i feel like the incidents would decrease.  

honestly my expriences in comunities such as WOW, or diablo II back in the day was enough for me to give up on mmo’s 100% i havent touched one in years and dont plan on any time soon

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to help with my anxiety

I ate a peach in the shower, now im just lounging around in my wizard hood…. its the small things that help.

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If Cats Had Rehearsals...


When you walk in late and try to get away with it:


Or come in too early (or even too hesitantly) on an entrance….


…and then the conductor calls out you / your section.


And sometimes you have to schedule early morning practices…


And if you try to run through a hard lick right…

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My shrimp is so weird like when I touch it, it changes colors and kinda spasms sometimes idk

like it was kinda pinkish and then it turned red and now its yellow

and it has a stripe that wasn’t there before

its weird





further clarafication







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Behind the mask and silly things